Ride Maps

Regularly Scheduled Ride Maps (During Daylight Savings Time)

Monday Antelope Ride from (the old Sunshine Cycles location)    GPS .gpx Download    .jpg Map
Tuesday Cheetah Ride from The Hub Bicycles      GPS .gpx Download    .pdf Map   turn-by-turn directions
Tuesday AGB Antelope Ride from Athens westside   .pdf Map   
Wednesday AGB Antelope Ride from Watkinsville Courthouse     .jpg Map    online
Thursday AGB Club Gazelle Ride from Whit Davis Elementary School   turn-by-turn    .jpg Map
Thursday Cheetah Ride from Georgia Cycle Sport     GPS .gpx Download    .jpg Map
Saturday Morning AGB Antelope Ride from Watkinsville Courthouse:
Super Sunday AGB Gazelle Ride from Whit Davis Elementary. Various routes including:


Additional Ride Maps

Athens Mother Center (AMC) Tuesday Morning Ride from St. Gregory Episcopal Church   .pdf Map with Turn-by-Turn Directions
Bostwick Mansion from Watkinsville Courthouse   .pdf Map
CMS Maxeys Out and Back from CMS  Turn-by-Turn Directions
Cold Sassy/Commerce Loop from Homewood Hills Shopping Center  Online Map  Turn-by-Turn Directions
Coyote Sunday North Oconee High School Ride .jpg Map
Pizza 'n' Waffles from Winterville Pittard Park   .pdf Map
Rabun Lakes Loop from the public marina .pdf Map
Shady Ride from Watkinsville Courthouse  .pdf Map  GPS.gpx Download
Sugar Creek Godfrey Loop from Madison, GA   mapmyride Map
Valentine's Day Ride from Watkinsville Courthouse  .pdf Map
Whit Davis to Colbert from Whit Davis Elementary   .pdf Map
Winter Thursday Base Building Ride from Green Acres Baptist Church     GPS .gpx Download      .jpg Map
Bicycle Map of Athens on www.BikeAthens.com
Additional Ride Maps:  www.cyclenittygritty.org

Additional Rides Starting from Whit Davis Elementary